Norwald members


Jeffrey Garcia


Born in Murcia, Jeffrey showed interest for metal music when he was just a teenager. At first he started playing guitar because he saw his brother doing so, but after hearing the band Korn for the first time he decided to rock that bass. His start with Norwald was a before and after in his life, as it was the first serious project in which he wanted to get involved.


Patri Grief

Lead Guitar

Born in January the 27th, she always devoted her life to music, composing simple songs at a very young age. She asked for her first guitar at the age of 5, and it finally came a couple of years later, in hands of one of her relatives. As a teenager, having some issues making friends would make her have enough time to create the first version of the Norwald world. Some characters, places and beasts would be the initial point of the vast new realm where the stories and songs take place.


Alejandro Leonidas

Rhythm Guitar

Alex was born in a small town of Murcia, and played the clarinet for seven years at a music school. When he first heard Iron Maiden he went crazy for the bass and later on, when he was 13 years old, he started playing electric guitar as well. Sharing the same guitar teacher as Patri, they started to talk, so he could record some choirs for the CD. He really loved the style and the ambience and that's why he joined as the rhythm guitarist and second singer.


Ann Meseguer


Born in Murcia, Ann standed out in her school for having the most awesome voice. She didn't receive any kind of backup but that didn't stop her from learning more. She won her first karaoke concert, and tha pushed her to take lessons. She has been in other bands before but she started playing in Norwald as her first serious project, for the love of metal and fantasy.


Frehul Martinez


Born in Madrid during the nineties, he felt an incomparable pleaure listening to music since he was even a toddler. It wouldn't be until the age of 18 that he listened to his first symphonic metal band. While on a long stay in London he saw and bought his first keyboard. Norwald drawed his attention and he joined the band soon after meeting the members.


David Breaker


Tum Tum Tum Pas Tum Tum Pas Pas Pas Tum Tum Pas.